'Hidden Figures' Or 'Hidden Fences’? Why Couldn’t The Golden Globes Get It Right?

'Hidden Figures' Or 'Hidden Fences’? Why Couldn’t The Golden Globes Get It Right?
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Maybe it's because there was a lot of booze consumed last night in Beverly Hills, or maybe it's because people are ignorant — either way, Hidden Figures kept getting confused with Fences at the Golden Globes last night and it was awkward as hell.

If you haven't seen either movie yet — what are you waiting for, BTW? — here's the lowdown: Hidden Figures is about three black women who worked at NASA during the late 1960s and got astronaut John Glenn into orbit, helping the U.S. catch up in the Space Race. Fences, on the other hand, is about a baseball player-turned-sanitation worker (played by Denzel Washington) and his relationships with his family and friends in 1950s Philadelphia. Both movies are set during the civil rights era, but that's pretty much where their similarities end — and despite their vastly different storylines, people just couldn't keep the two straight on Sunday.

It started on the red carpet when Jenna Bush Hager was interviewing Pharrell, at one point mentioning his work on "Hidden Fences" — which, again, isn't a thing. His reaction was priceless:

And then it happened AGAIN, as actor Michael Keaton presented the award for Best Supporting Actress.

For the record, both Keaton and Bush later apologized for their errors. 

Twitter went wild after noticing the flubs, with some people using #HiddenFigures to create (hilarious) mashups of movies and shows with black casts:

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