How A 10-Year-Old Girl Inspired Us To Love Our Natural Hair

How A 10-Year-Old Girl Inspired Us To Love Our Natural Hair
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Miss Jade Jackson, now 10 years old, has been making headlines lately because she was courageous enough to do what a lot of us are too hesitant to do — go natural. 

Jade did the “big chop," and now she rocks a stunning lil’ fro. She believes her bold move will encourage other young girls to feel beautiful in their own skin. In an interview with Essence, Jade shared the message she'd give African American girls, saying, "I want them to know that they have the power and they are beautiful."

If you’ve been wavering on getting rid of your own permed hairstyle, maybe this inspired you. We hope it did. If you’re not sure how to make the transition as smooth as possible, we can help you. We've gone natural before and we've got some great recommendations:

Don’t Be Afraid Of The “Big Chop”

The scariest thing about going natural is probably undergoing the big chop. Mostly because if you have a nice full head of permed hair, you’re signing up to go from one length to another, in a matter of minutes. With that said, the big chop can be really freeing. You get to see your face and appreciate your features differently because your hair is not distracting you. And, you’re able to exude another level of confidence. 

Play Around With Different Styles

What's great about having natural hair is that you can play up your texture by putting your hair into all kinds of styles. Cornrows. Two-or-three-strand twists. Braid outs. Updos. The list is literally endless. One thing that a lot of women with permed hair don’t realize is that it can be limiting when it comes to how you can wear it. But natural hair? You’ll be shocked by what you can do!

Make The Most Of Your Hair Scarves And Accessories

Look at hair accessories as hair adornment — adornment for the queen that you are! Hair clips and vintage barrettes are in right now. Although, one of our absolute favorite hair accessories for natural hair (especially while it’s growing out) is hair scarves. So long as they are silk or satin (cotton will dry them out too much), scarves can give your hair a styling break while still making you look like a fashion maven.

Embrace Your Kitchen Pantry

Honey. Eggs. Mayonnaise. Yogurt. Olive oil. These are just some of the ingredients, in your kitchen pantry, that can keep your natural hair deeply moisturized. Yep. Another thing that’s cool about going natural is you can save a lot of money on hair products by using stuff you already own!

Experiment With Makeup And Jewelry

This is the opportunity for you to get a new bold shade of lipstick, to create a smoky eye, or to wear those huge hoops that you may have always thought were too big! You will see cosmetics and accessories in a whole new light when you have natural hair.

Rock A Blowout Every Once In A While

Some women are hesitant about going natural because they don't want to kiss their hair length good-bye. But, you don't have to! Natural hair comes in different kinds of textures, and there’s one thing you can be certain off — it grows just as fast (if not faster) than permed hair.

Don’t believe us? Every 4-6 weeks, on low heat, blow your hair out. That will stretch out your curly texture and reveal to you how much length you actually have.

Love Yourself

Nothing says, “I love me” like embracing the way you were born. Including your hair. Use this as a time to get in touch with yourself. You could write down 10 things you love about yourself and put it on your refrigerator as a constant reminder. Having natural hair is more than a hairstyle. It’s a movement…closer to loving every part of yourself!

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