12-Year-Old Shot In The Knee By SWAT Team That Tried To COVER UP Their 'Accidental Shooting'

12-Year-Old Shot In The Knee By SWAT Team That Tried To COVER UP Their 'Accidental Shooting'

Amir Worship was fast asleep in his home when SWAT officers burst through his doors. When the 122-year-old was sitting quietly on his bed, an officer shot him in the knee.

An Illinois family has filed a lawsuit against the authorities after accusing the officers of 'terrorizing' an innocent child. Mom Crystal Worship told news sites that her 12-year-old son was shot in bed with an assault rifle when there was a pre-dawn raid going on at her house. 


According to Worship's lawsuit, over two dozen Richton Park and Country Club Hills SWAT Officers entered her home in May using an exploding flash-grenade and automatic rifles. The authorities alleged that the search warrant was for her boyfriend. During the raid, Worship's young son, 12-year-old Amir, was shot in the knee by a white officer as he sat on his bed with his hands in the air and suffered a shattered kneecap. 


The family is seeking $50,000 in damages for willful and wanton conduct, assault, negligence, battery, and false imprisonment. The lawsuit explains in detail the night of the raid. Worship says that her sons Amir, 13-year-old Eric, and 18-year-old Robert, were all asleep when officers came charging through their door with a search warrant for her boyfriend. When they were inside the house, the officers apparently started shouting commands at them while pointing their assault rifles at the children. 


The lawsuit says that the children were terrified and under the impression that they were going to be killed. One officer began yelling instructions at the boys, and in the middle of the scuffle, 'accidentally' pressed down on the gun's rifle. A bullet entered Amir's knee and partially exited the back of it. The most harrowing detail of this whole ordeal is the fact that officers tried to hide the fact that the child was shot. The accused officer who shot the minor covered his body camera and covered his badge with blackout tape after the gun was fired. When Crystal Worship asked the officers what the shooting was about, they claimed to have been shooting at someone who was passing by the house. 

Amir required immediate surgery following the police officer's shooting. According to an orthopedic doctor, the 12-year-old boy faces a lifetime of difficulty in walking and running. 

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