17-Year-Old Boy Falsely Accused And Acquitted Still 'Held Against His Will' In Prison

17-Year-Old Boy Falsely Accused And Acquitted Still 'Held Against His Will' In Prison

Another teen falsely implicated suffered at the hands on injustice.

There are more cases of false accusations and incarcerations, especially biased against people from the Black community than one could care for and numerous such cases have seen lives and careers destroyed because justice wasn't done. It is even more hard to fathom the pain when it happens to a teenager who is yet to step into the world but has already faced the ugly side of society due to no fault of his own.

As reported by NewsOne, a 17-year-old boy JaTyrone Hollis was arrested by the Mesquite Police Department and according to his attorney, he was bullied into giving a confession. The confession led to murder charges being filed against the kid who was not yet an adult when he was falsely accused by a suspect.

According to his attorney, not only was he falsely accused, held against his will in prison, and coerced into giving a false confession, his release was made impossible by a bond of $750,000 being set against him. In fact, he was being held after being acquitted because the bail was so high and the clerk's office that could process his release was out for the weekend.



Justin A. Moore, his attorney, wrote about this bizarre incident on Instagram. He wrote: "After a stunning NOT GUILTY verdict, me and my co counsel went back to the jury room to speak with the jurors. I told JaTyrone and his family I’d be right back out to leave the courthouse with them- with JaTyrone. When I returned from talking with the jury, everyone was gone. I asked the bailiff as I was walking out where did everyone go? She said that JaTyrone went back to his cell and his family left. I was incredulous."

"I questioned her as to why JaTyrone could not be released with his family after being acquitted (found NOT GUILTY) of CAPITAL MURDER!!! She said because the clerks office was out for the weekend. He would have to wait until next week to be processed or he would have to bond out! Bond out?!? He was just acquitted of any and all crimes he was accused of! What is he having to bond out for?! And his bond is $750k cash! His family cant afford that! The bailiff said, he’d just have to wait in jail a few days if he can’t afford it. How absurd."




"Will there be another excuse to keep him in jail after waiting a “few days?” He is being held against his will- false imprisonment- under a near million dollar bond...after spending spending 10% of his life in jail awaiting trial for something he was falsely accused of. He gets found NOT GUILTY and he can’t leave with his family this same day? Something is wrong here. We demand that JaTyrone Hollis be released immediately!"

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