25-Year-Old Woman Has Created A Telecom Company Worth Over $7.3 Million

25-Year-Old Woman Has Created A Telecom Company Worth Over $7.3 Million

Chaymeriyia Moncrief's Tesix Wireless has been vlued at over $7.3 million.

Chaymeriyia Moncrief is only 25 years of age and has created her own telecom company, Tesix Wireless, which has already received a valuation of $7.3 million. As reported by Black Business, her company has already received investments form investors like Ladarius Gunter (former-Green Bay Packers Cornerback), Shaun Hamilton (Washington Redskins Linebacker), and Ayodeji Olatoye (Atlanta Falcon Cornerback). 

The idea behind the telecom service is to eliminate all the unnecessary charges to provide more flexibility and better plans for the users. The company is essentially designed to cater to the needs of the Millenials and Moncrief says, "We are in a fast-moving digital age and a world that revolves around social media. In this age, millennials can be found where there is a convenience, and that convenience is picking up their cellphones, their tablets or laptops and searching, apply for and buying things they want, when they want it directly on the internet, and I want to position Tesix amid that convenience."

The company was valued at $1 million during the time of its launch in December 2018 but she had got offers as big as $4.4 million by investors looking to buy the company. After the involvement of the big investors, the value rose even more but she is not willing to sell her company and would run it on her own.

The incredible part about the company is also in the way they are promoting it. Since it is oriented towards the Millennials, the company has taken to social media in a big way and is capturing the market through influencers and social media savvy users. Chaymeriyia has great plans for the future of the company and she is already looking to create an entire infrastructure around it for the company to be one of the biggest names in the coming times.

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