462 Prisoners Released After The Largest Commutation In History

462 Prisoners Released After The Largest Commutation In History

The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board granted sentence commutations to 527 inmates.

Oklahoma has the bad reputation of having the largest number of incarcerations in the country. But, as reported by Tulsa World, they would step down to the second place after commuting sentences of 527 inmates in a single day. 462 of these inmates would be released in steps as supporters of the commutation say it could be the largest mass commutation of sentences in the state and national history.

The decision emerged after the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board meeting which decided on these commutations. The Department of Corrections also held transition fairs to support the inmates during their transition period into the social life and state officials provided the inmates with state-issued identification cards.

Oklahoma Governor, Kevin Stitt, said while speaking with the media: "This event is another mark on our historic timeline as we move the needle in criminal justice reform, and my administration remains committed to working with Oklahomans to pursue bold change that will offer our fellow citizens a second chance while also keeping our communities and streets safe."



The parole board had considered over 800 cases that were eligible and they recommended 527 for a lesser sentence. 462 of them would be released soon while the remaining would spend some more held on detainers.

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