Biden Receives Massive Black Support In Winning Both Mississippi And Missouri

Biden Receives Massive Black Support In Winning Both Mississippi And Missouri

Both the states have significant number of Black voters.

Garnering the votes from the African American community has been one of the priorities of both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders during the primary campaigns and they have both tried massive outreach programs to woo the voters of this community to vote in their favor. Their efforts have been directed at associating themselves with more Black voters and to identify with their priorities.

The former Vice-President Joe Biden, however, is the current frontrunner in terms of being able to mobilize the votes of the Black community and the recent primary results have displayed that Bernie Sanders may be losing out in this regard. As reported by Vice, Joe Biden has significantly led and won the primaries at Mississippi and Missouri, both states with significant African-American voters.

It is also important to note that Bernie Sanders may not have been able to woo the Black voters as Joe Biden had won South Carolina, another state with a large number of African American voters. South Carolina was actually the turning point for Biden that saw his slumping campaign swing upwards.

As reported by The Hill, Black voters emerged in large numbers to support Biden's campaign and he was seen as a runaway winner in the Mississippi primary held on Tuesday. An analysis by The Hill stated: "Exit polls found that about two-thirds of Democratic voters in Mississippi are black, the highest rate of any state to vote so far."

It adds: "About 75 percent of voters said Biden best understands the concerns of people of color. Mississippi’s Democratic electorate is also more conservative, with 50 percent describing themselves as moderates, 25 percent as somewhat liberal and only 25 percent as very liberal."

"Biden entered the day leading Sanders by about 75 delegates overall, and his allies are expecting a big night on Tuesday when voters in five other states will also vote." 

It is yet to be seen if there would be any strategic change from Sanders' campaign after the results but so far it appears that he may not be connecting well with the community.

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