Black Beekeepers Of Detroit Are Changing Detroit By Developing Vacant Lots Into Bee Farms

Black Beekeepers Of Detroit Are Changing Detroit By Developing Vacant Lots Into Bee Farms

Detroit Hives is a not-profit organization that is changing the face of Detroit's vacant lots.

Timothy Paule and Nicole Lindsey founded Detroit Hives in 2017. The idea behind their endeavor was to transform the vacant lots all over the city into bee farms. Their mission, as mentioned on their website is: "Detroit Hives is a 501c(3) non-profit organization whereby we transform vacant lots into bee farms for the conservation of honeybees, to help spread bee awareness, and to educate our communities and local schools about bees and their contribution to our environment."

The founders themselves have a great thought and their website says: "Timothy Paule and Nicole Lindsey are the power couple bringing buzz to, the city of Detroit, in a pretty sweet way. What started as a cold, has transformed into a social enterprise as the two play makers are making bold strides with their nonprofit. Together, they create urban bee farms, where the community is able to experience, firsthand, honeybees, conservation, and their role in our ecosystem."

"Visitors, to the hives, also have the incredible opportunity to see the inner workings of a honeybee hive, and even sample raw honey from the hive. Located on the Eastside of Detroit, MI, The Detroit Hives is purposed to bring diversity and cognizance to bee awareness and rebuilding inner-city communities introducing Detroit as a great place to “BEE”."

Detroit Hives has become one of those incredible places which not only contributes towards the preservation of bees but is also helping spread awareness. They organize educational tours and they try to speak to as many students as possible to share the idea even more. They are also looking to find encouragement from people and you can donate towards their efforts by visiting their website.

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