Five Must-Watch 2019 Documentaries About Black Culture Which Are Making Quite An Impact

Five Must-Watch 2019 Documentaries About Black Culture Which Are Making Quite An Impact

These documentaries take a closer look at how the Black community was built all while celebrating their roots.

Black culture is finally finding its footing in the entertainment business. Many movies and television series centered around Black culture, and this year alone, we are being blessed with a number of amazing documentaries that are set to explore issues around the black community, black leaders, as well as controversial figures. Here are some of the documentaries you have to watch:

1. Reconstruction: America after the civil war

Source: PBS/Screenshot

This documentary is the story of America transforming in the wake of the civil war. It takes a look at the nation's struggle to rebuild itself in the face of mass destruction, profound loss, as well as powerful revolutionary social change. 

2. Boss: The Black Experience In Business

Source: PBS

A story about the untold history of African-American entrepreneurship. It takes a look at how African American entrepreneurship provided the backbone of the nation's economic and social growth.

3. Horror Noire: A History Of Black Horror

Source: YouTube/Screenshot

Horror Noire takes a critical look at a century of genre films that utilized and exploited black audiences, as well as their involvement in the movie genre. 

4. The Remix: Hip Hop x Fashion

Source: Tribeca Film Festival

As hip hop started establishing itself as a legitimate genre in the industry, fashion architect Misa Hylton and streetwear designer April Walker, as well as others, grabbed a piece of the hip hop fashion action and they never let go. 

5. Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men

Source: IMDB

This is a series that follows the rise of the iconic Wu-Tang Clan, a hip hop group that changed the face of hip hop. It follows the stories of all the people who were a part of this iconic group. 

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