Black Kids Go Missing At A Higher Rate Than White Kids, Says Report

Black Kids Go Missing At A Higher Rate Than White Kids, Says Report

Black kids gone missing does not receive the same amount of media attention.

In a recent article by Harmeet Kaur for CNN, the fact emerges that black kids who go missing do not receive the same amount of media attention when compared to the times a white kid goes missing. The author brings out different reasons for this and reveals that black kids account for more than a third of missing children cases despite them accounting for only 14% of children population.

The author mentions that one of the reasons why these instances go unnoticed is because a lot of black parents are hesitant in calling the police. This, according to the article, is because of the distrust between black families and law enforcement agencies and that the black families also fear unintended consequences of reporting their child missing.

The author of the article presents a 2015 study that shows only 7% of kids were referenced in the media despite black kids amounting to 35% of missing kids cases. This skewed media coverage leads to a lack of information about the kids and thereby making it even more difficult for them to be rescued.

She also mentions that a lot of the families do not have resources to seek their children apart from being dependent on law enforcement agencies. They may not be able to hire private investigators either. She further states that a lot of these missing kids are also classified as runaways and thereby the investigation may not happen as they should.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that black children are going missing at a higher rate and the media needs to bring it to people's attention. Acknowledging the problem is only the first step to solving it and it doesn't seem to be happening quickly enough.

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