Black Man Who Reported Workplace Racism Gets Arrested After Boss Calls The Cops On Him

Black Man Who Reported Workplace Racism Gets Arrested After Boss Calls The Cops On Him

The city paid him $600,000 in compensation for the rogue investigation.

There are thousands of cases of workplace discrimination faced by Black people in almost all kinds of professions and it takes a lot of courage to stand up for oneself especially if almost all your peers have that mentality but one man from Oregon had it even worse when his own boss called the cops on him for reporting workplace racial discrimination.

As reported by The Oregonian, Michael Fesser, 48, Oregon, complained about his colleague's racial comments and activities, including taunting him with talks of confederate flags, to his boss. His boss, in turn, reportedly called in a favor with his friend in the police and got Michael arrested. The police chief initiated an unwarranted and racially motivated surveillance on him and arrested him on false charges.

Fesser’s lawyer Paul Buchanan spoke about the incident saying: "This case vividly illustrates a ready willingness on the part of the West Linn police to abuse the enormous power they have been given, and a casual, jocular, old-boy-style racism of the kind that we Oregonians tend to want to associate with the Deep South rather than our own institutions."

Fesser had no other option but to fight his case and he also filed a lawsuit for wrongful arrest. The company he worked for, Benson and A&B Towing, agreed in March 2018 to pay Fesser $415,000 in damages, wages, and attorney fees to settle his discrimination suit, and the city of West Linn agreed this week to settle for $600,000 for his wrongful arrest.

As reported by Raw Story, Paul Buchanan told CBS News: "We hope that our local police will take the very strong local and national reaction we are seeing to this case as a strong message that reform is required. It is scary that the police can so readily make up claims that are not true."



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