Black Officer Demoted After He Complained About A White Colleague Using The N-Word

Black Officer Demoted After He Complained About A White Colleague Using The N-Word

He alleges that his life was made hell after he decided to pursue the case.

Michael Doss, Parnall Correctional Facility near Jackson, Michigan, alleged that his seniors made his life hell and also demoted him after he complained about a white colleague using the N-word. As reported by Detroit Free Press, he has filed a lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Corrections and Capt. Frank Sawyer.

Doss was a captain until 2017 and had been working hard to grow professionally under Deputy Warden Lee McRoberts. He said that during a Christmas party, McRoberts, Capt. Frank Sawyer and himself were sitting at a table when McRoberts mentioned an interview he had for a warden's job at another prison. The implication seemed that if McRoberts left, Doss might get the job of deputy warden. Frank Sawyer, then, told McRoberts: "You can't go anywhere. I don't want a (N-word) for a boss." 

McRoberts, apparently, did not take any action against Frank. Doss told McRoberts that he was going to report the use of racial slur to the authorities. Doss said that his life changed after he decided to pursue the matter. In the lawsuit, he alleges that he was demoted from captain to lieutenant and the reason cited for the demotion was 'reduction in force.' He also received his first negative 'counseling' report from McRoberts and he was placed under investigation "for using a department copying machine to copy a one-page document he wanted to use in support of a grievance he had filed."

Incidentally, Frank Sawyer is also a defendant in another racial lawsuit filed by an Arab American corrections officer at Parnall. 

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