Black Photographer Got Shot 9 Times After Telling Teenagers They Can't Use The N-Word

Black Photographer Got Shot 9 Times After Telling Teenagers They Can't Use The N-Word

The photographer, identified as CT, was live streaming on Facebook when he got shot.

A black photographer, now identified only as CT (based on his GoFundMe page), was approached by 3 teenagers at a local park where he was clicking pictures at night. They asked him if he could take their pictures and he obliged. He even told them that he would not take any payment for the pictures. 

It was then that the teenagers started using the N-word which did not sit well with the photographer. He told them that they should not be doing that politely but soon the arguments escalated. Incidentally, he was live-streaming on Facebook at that moment and the event was captured to some extent. 

“Hey I just got shot. I’m at Encanto Park. Please help me.” He was able to call 911 himself and told them about his location. The police were able to use the pictures he took to identify the teenagers, two of whom were found responsible for shooting him. 

His father, who initiated the fundraiser for his medical expenses has posted on the website: CT is an amazing freelance photographer in Phoenix, Az. While taking some Landscape pictures on the night of 9/12/19, CT was approached by 3 gentlemen who wanted their pictures taken. Through conversations, the men started calling CT racial slurs. Being the person that CT is, he asked the gentlemen to stop politely. While facing one of the gentlemen, he was shot 9 times from the back by the others. He was hit in the legs, arm, wrist, shoulder, and hip. CT managed to call the police and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received medical attention. Thankfully none of his injuries were life-threatening and he’s expected to make a full recovery. CT is currently undergoing therapy.

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