Black Teen Driving With His White Grandma Handcuffed By The Police

Black Teen Driving With His White Grandma Handcuffed By The Police

The family is now suing Wauwatosa city, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Akil K. Carter, a black teenager, was sitting in the back seat of a Lexus which was being driven by his grandmother's friend while Paulette Barr, his grandmother, was sitting on the passenger seat. The incident occurred when onlookers just assumed that the two ladies were being robbed and called the cops.

As reported by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the lawsuit alleges that the officer Patrick Kaine drew his gun and ordered Carter out of the car. He was then asked to go down on the ground and was handcuffed. The allegations follow that "The officers had no reason to believe that Mr. Carter was armed." It says: "Officer Kaine has claimed that he had been 'flagged down' by unidentified, phantom witnesses, who told him two African American males had hijacked a blue Lexus." 

In the video released by the police, an officer speaking to the grandmother can be heard saying, "I apologize for that guy not knowing what he was talking about." Paulette replied: "I'm sure he (the person who reported it) saw two old white ladies in a car with a black kid and made some assumptions." She was told that an African American man reported them, to which she was even more shocked, saying: "Oh my God. So then it's even worse."

The suit is currently being argued at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

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