Buwa Binitie: Changing The Face Of Affordable Housing In America

Buwa Binitie: Changing The Face Of Affordable Housing In America

The D.C-based real-estate magnate is changing lives through his tireless efforts in the creation of affordable housing for Americans and working for the greater good of the community.

Buwa Binitie was fresh out of college when he found himself running helter-skelter in search of housing he could afford. The fear of turning homeless was real but instead of being bogged down by it, Binitie channelized it to transform the face of affordable housing itself #GameChanger. 




The spark which ignited 13 years ago, fueled his drive and currently, his companies, Dantes Partners, which has developed nearly a billion dollars in real estate and the recently formed property management subsidiary Faria Management.

Buwa Binitie 

 43-year-old, Nigerian born, Binitie comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and he knew that he had the entrepreneurial spirit in him as well.  Affordable housing apart, he is, an innovative, forward thinker, driven toward another brilliant goal - to create more black millionaires. With 13 years of experience in managing the finances on some of the most complex real estate transactions and being armed with the ability to smoothly handle close to 1 billion in assets has given Binitie the knowledge to make bold moves, an ideal the real estate mogul lives by.

Dantes Partners Luxury Apartment Homes

Three years ago, along with Dantes Partners COO, Corey Powell, Binitie created the property management arm of his real estate empire, Faria Management.  

Corey Powell

After three years, of experiencing what seemed to be insurmountable growing pains, the pair sought help from veteran Property Management expert Monique Lilly-Moore, an industry powerhouse, known specifically for her ability to turn around difficult developments.  Ms. Lilly-Moore has been recently named President of the DP subsidiary Faria Management,    


Buwa Binitie and Monique Lilly-Moore

Binitie, through his efforts, has cemented the concept of 'luxury affordable housing' and he has no intentions of slowing down any time soon. He currently has 3 new projects underway and several more in the pipeline. He is looking forward to opening a 2nd Dantes Partners headquarters outside DC and turning it into a pan-nation company.

He has brought forth the concept of luxury affordable housing in a brilliant way.

For young residents, Binitie has just one piece of advice to offer, in the form of an old Nigerian saying: "Cut your coat according to your size," said the real estate magnate. "Don't live beyond your means. Be unafraid of making mistakes. Be bold." And that, in essence, is the brilliance of this man who is nothing less than a dynamic leader, role-model and an inspiration to his community.  Take a moment and give him a shout-out for his inspirational work on his Facebook page.

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