Chicago Judge Allegedly Tried Kissing Cop, Asked A Court Reporter 'How Much' For Sex

Chicago Judge Allegedly Tried Kissing Cop, Asked A Court Reporter 'How Much' For Sex

Cook County Judge Mauricio Araujo was reassigned from his courtroom to administrative duties last fall.

Cook County Judge Mauricio Araujo is accused of making sexual advances toward a police officer who sought his signature on a search warrant and making demeaning remarks to a court reporter after cornering her in an elevator. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, Araujo engaged in a “pattern of inappropriate and harassing behavior toward women with whom he interacted . . . in his official judicial capacity,” according to a complaint filed by the state Judicial Inquiry Board. 


The board alleged that Araujo asked the court reporter “how much money” she wanted to have sex with him; suggested to others that he may have had sex with the prosecutor; and tried to kiss the cop, who stiff-armed the judge and sternly said, “Back sir.”


Araujo, a circuit judge who was elected in 2008 and won retention in 2014, also was the subject of interest of federal agents investigating a Chicago police unit led by two officers now under federal indictment for allegedly stealing money from an FBI informant. 


According to the complaint, a court reporter said that in the spring of 2012, Araujo cornered her in an elevator at the Domestic Violence court building and asked her “how much money” she wanted to have sex with him, a proposition he repeated when the two were alone in the same elevator a few weeks later. 

When the court reporter told Araujo that she had a boyfriend, the judge said that “did not matter.” When she told him she was aware that Araujo was married, he said, “It’s OK.”


“The court reporter actively avoided the courthouse elevators after the second proposition from (Araujo),” the complaint states. “(She) otherwise tried to take the stairs whenever possible to avoid being alone with (Araujo) in the confined space of an elevator.”


Furthermore, a Chicago police officer alleges that Araujo tried kissing her in August 2016 - when she had come to her chambers at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse, seeking his approval for a search warrant. The complaint states Araujo rushed up to the officer and tried to kiss her on the mouth. 


“The officer extended her arm to prevent him from coming any closer, loudly stating ‘Back, sir,’ a method she had learned during her police training for halting a potentially dangerous physical encounter,” the complaint states.

The Judicial Inquiry Board began an investigation of the prosecutor’s allegations last fall. The complaint sets up a hearing before the state Courts Commission, which could suspend, remove or otherwise discipline Araujo.

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