Chicago Police Officers Sued For Punching And Dragging Black Teen, New Footage Shows Questionable Use Of Force

Chicago Police Officers Sued For Punching And Dragging Black Teen, New Footage Shows Questionable Use Of Force

The incident had taken place in January when the police had claimed that the student had initiated the violent encounter, but the footage shows something else.

A new surveillance video of a violent encounter between a student and two Chicago police officers has emerged. The incident had happened in January when the two officers had claimed that the student had started it.
However, this new video shows the officers pushing and dragging the 16-year-old black student down a flight of stairs at Marshall High School. 


The video obtained by Chicago Sun-Times also shows the officers brutally punching and shocking her with a stun gun multiple times. Moreover, the video footage also contradicts the officers' initial statements on how the incident unfolded and that it was initiated by the student.
The girl's family has filed a lawsuit - suing the city, two officers and the Chicago Board of Education in federal court. 


The emergence of this video has also brought back the attention to the oversight, training, and stationing of police in Chicago Public Schools. 


"The Board of Education and CPD continue to fail our children. An unarmed 16-year-old girl was beaten, kicked, punched and tasered by officers," the victim, Dnigma Howard's lawyer, Andrew M. Stroth, said in a statement obtained by The Chicago Sun-Times. 


BuzzFeed News reports that Dnigma was initially reprimanded for allegedly being on her cellphone during class. Her father, Laurentino Howard, was phoned by administrators at Marshall High School to pick up his daughter after her last final exam. 

The two officers involved in the incident also held the student down while stepping on her chest, but they didn’t seek help from her father or other school personnel who were nearby, according to an amended lawsuit filed Thursday.


According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the federal suit accuses the city, Chicago Public Schools and officers Johnnie Pierre and Sherry Tripp, who were assigned to the school, of violating 16-year-old Dnigma Howard’s civil rights.

Dnigma was initially charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery against the officers. The charges were dropped less than a week later “in the interest of justice,” prosecutors said at the time. 


Howard could do nothing but watch when her daughter was pushed down the stairs by the officers and being to use excessive force. The new footage details the incident. Without physical provocation, an officer grabs Dnigma and pushes her down a set of stairs as she struggles.

The first officer, Johnnie Pierre, appears to grab Dnigma by the wrist and force her down the stairs. 


Sherry Tripps, the second officer, forces herself on top of the student shortly after. Finally, the officers tased the girl three times as she lay on the ground. Per Dnigma's father, the deputies informed him he was not allowed to mediate the situation. 


In Dnigma’s arrest report, the officers said she “became irate and initiated a physical altercation with the officers.”

“Those officers filed a false statement,” Stroth said. “Their statements are completely untrue and are completely contradicted by what is shown on the video. The saving grace for Dnigma is that this was caught on camera.” 

Find the whole footage below:

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