Community Cleanup Program Helps Homeless Man Earn And Pay For His Apartment

Community Cleanup Program Helps Homeless Man Earn And Pay For His Apartment

Formerly homeless, he can now afford to rent an apartment for himself.

Little Rock, Arkansas, had launched a program earlier this year called 'Bridge to Work.' Run by Canvas Community Church, it pays workers the minimum wage $9.25 per hour to pick up litter. The cleanup program allows participants to work 4 hours a day and three days a week. As reported by Fox8, the program is already showing positive results. 

In a Facebook post by Canvas Community Church, the organization showcased the case of Roy, who was able to earn and save money through the program to rent an apartment of his own. The post read: "Here is Roy, getting ready to pay his first month’s rent at his own place with money he earned and saved working with #bridgetowork! He wanted me to post this to show people what can be done. This step today launches the rest of his lifeplan. Now that he’s inside, he can stay clean and feel confident to finish barber school (his passion). Until he finishes school, he can work with Bridge to Work once a month to earn most of his rent. Once he finishes and is working, his rent will be based on his income. Thanks so much to Jericho Way/ Project of Depaul USA, INC for finding him today on the last day they were going to hold his apartment!! Keep Roy in prayer as he moves forward toward his best life!" 



Roy wants to become a licensed barber and is attending school to fulfill his dreams. He works with Bridge to Work to save up for his home in between other jobs and school. His is a story of determination and of a little bit of help from genuine community programs.

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