'They're Both Horrible Babysitters': D.L. Hughley Discusses R.Kelly And MJ On 'Wendy' Ahead Of His New Show!

'They're Both Horrible Babysitters': D.L. Hughley Discusses R.Kelly And MJ On 'Wendy' Ahead Of His New Show!

The Kings of Comedy alum is going to be coming to the audience every weeknight in his own late night talk show.

Last week, D.L. Hughley was a guest on multiple shows including The Wendy Williams show, Breakfast Club and Sway In The Morning.

The 56-year-old Los Angeles, California native is returning with his own TV show to the screens. He is on a media tour to promote his own late night talk - The D.L. Hughley Show. And according to The Source, he'll also be featured on Uncensored. 



While a lot of his fans are loving his opinions and insights on his radio show, social media, most of them are missing him on a daily basis is the TV.

Amid his witty and humorous takes on R.Kelly and Micheal Jackson on The Wendy Williams show, fans also got to know that he is returning to TV with The D.L. Hughley Show on TV One. Reportedly, it is beginning next week. 

Wendy Williams had welcomed D.L in her style and they had begun talking about his comments on fellow actor Terry Crews. He revealed that he was not going to apologize for his comments.



Crews is one of the few men to publicly share a personal #MeToo story, claiming he was assaulted by former WME agent Adam Venit during an industry party in 2016.

Crews eventually sued Venit and WME agency. The case was settled and Venit retired in September.

After Wendy gave a brief recap of what Crews went through at a public event - his agent molested him - she retold D.L's comments which raised the question on why Crews did not punch that man in the face. 



After the recount, D.L clarified: "There are very few things that black people own. We are told where to live, what to do and how far we can go. The only thing we own is our person. And you are going to put your hands on me. I don't care who you are." 

He referred to how Crews decided to not act because he did not want to perpetuate the stereotype of a 'big black and angry man'. 
D.L considered that and told Wendy, "My father said never to start a fight, but if somebody touches you, you'll finish it." 



When Wendy asked if he and Crews had made up, D.L said that they did not have a conversation about it and it was just a twitter beef.

"I disagree with the notion that you are emasculating somebody because you are defending yourself. We do not need to have the  same ideas and thoughts." 

They moved on to talk about 'hot topics' - R.Kelly and Michael Jackson, who have both had a documentary made on them, bringing to light some of the disturbing allegations of sexual abuse of minors and kids. 



He commended Gayle King's style of interrogating R.Kelly. He described how it was similar to every black woman's reaction to a man who was lying (he used a more colorful phrase for that). 

"That looked like every black woman who heard a man full of sh** I've ever seen." He mimicked how good King's demeanor was and continued, "All she didn't say was 'do i look like BooBoo the fool?'"



But when Williams asked about how guilty does D.L think R.Kelly is, on a serious note, he responded in a way that also gives a prelude to what his upcoming show might feature. 

"To me it says a lot about a society. Like if you look at the charges they're from '98, '99. It says a lot about society that waited till something that was on a documentary before they got enraged." He continued. 

"Our level of empathy and rage should not be connected to a remote control and that seems disingenuous to him."

"I think people get mad about it all time, fame allows you a lot." He recounted what all people knew that Kelly was doing to his victims. 



Following January’s blockbuster Surviving R. Kelly documentary on Lifetime, R. Kelly has been dropped by his longtime record label and currently sits behind bars.

His charges related to new evidence on allegations of sex with underage girls as well as unpaid child support.  



Meanwhile, less than a week ago, Leaving Neverland aired on HBO. This documentary includes accounts from two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, on Michael Jackson molesting them as children during the 1980s and early 1990s.

The documentary featured graphic accounts of sexual abuse and rape.  



When Wendy asked about D.L's opinion on Micheal Jackson's documentary, D.L said "I think its horrible that society allowed it. I don't care who you are, a grown man is not sleeping with my 7-year-old son. That's not going to happen, I don't care who comes." He said. And then he mentioned how the artist and the art should be separated in situations like these. 
"When you're black you gotta separate. Like 'how could you listen to R.Kelly and Micheal Jackson songs?', same way I can sing the national anthem. That's the same way I can do that." 



Wendy applauded one of the original Kings of Comedy and congratulated him on the new show. The D.L. Hughley Show, co-hosted by Jasmine Sanders, will feature various guests, musical acts, and of course Hughley’s hilarious take of pop culture and everything Black.

The show is produced for TV One by Pygmy Wolf Productions with D.L. Hughley and KP Anderson serving as Executive Producers. 

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