Dallas County Judge Criticised Over Her Hairstyle Brilliantly Takes Down Her Critics

Dallas County Judge Criticised Over Her Hairstyle Brilliantly Takes Down Her Critics

She received e-mails with some criticism over her hairstyle but she took this opportunity and changed it to a teaching moment.

Judge Amber Givens-Davis, a Dallas County judge, was recently seen sporting a hairstyle with her head shaved on the two sides with a long top. As reported by Fox4News, her recent involvement in the Wesley Mathews case, which she presided over, brought her to media limelight and there were quite a few detractors who focused on her hairstyle instead of her work.

She received numerous e-mails during the course of the trial and some of them were highly critical of her hairstyle. Judge Amber, however, instead of bowing to her critics took this opportunity to put forward her own point of view. She took this opportunity and changed it into a teaching lesson for people who may have self-confidence issues. She used her own example to instill the value of an individual identity among young people.

Sharing her own experience with girls in the age group of 12 to 21, she had some pearls of wisdom to impart. She said: "I don’t separate my person from my job. But it just so happens that my person is being highlighted because of the audacity that I have to be myself. But my job is very serious. I take it very seriously."

She also said that: "People immediately want to come in and identify the defendant because they think there’s a look. So then I talk about myself. It’s weird that this has all kind of come full circle. I talk about the fact that if you looked at me in my dress outside the courtroom you would never assume that I was the presiding judge because assumptions fail us all the time."

Judge Amber, who graduated from Syracuse law school, has spent eight years as a prosecutor in New York and has been on the bench in Dallas for over four years. Her personal story of achievements resonated well with the kids she was talking to and she plans to continue speaking on such issues in the future as well.

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