Ellis Marsalis Jr., Jazz Piano Legend Dies With Covid 19 Symptoms

Ellis Marsalis Jr., Jazz Piano Legend Dies With Covid 19 Symptoms

The artist was one of New Orleans' most renewoned musical face.

Ellis Marsalis Jr., the Jazz piano legend and a humble patriarch of a New Orleans musical group has passed away with COVID-19 like symptoms. He was 85 years of age and the father of famous musicians Branford and Wynton Marsalis.

As reported by Nola, Mayor LaToya Cantrell issued a statement after his demise, saying: "Ellis Marsalis was a legend. He was the prototype of what we mean when we talk about New Orleans jazz. The love and the prayers of all of our people go out to his family, and to all of those whose lives he touched. He was a teacher, a father, and an icon ... This loss cuts us deeply."

Marsalis played the saxophone earlier but switched to piano later on. He was a student of music at Dillard University. He joined the U.S. Marines in 1956 and played piano in the Marine group 'Corps Four.' Father of great musicians, he has left behind a family following in his greatness.

He was hospitalized with pneumonia-like symptoms that could have been brought on by COVID-19. He was tested for the virus but he died before the tests could come out. His loss has devastated the New Orleans Musical community and they have lost a leader, a guide, and a fatherly figure.

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