'Gangster Vegan Organics,' Breast Cancer Survivor Now Owns A Plant-Based Food Franchise

'Gangster Vegan Organics,' Breast Cancer Survivor Now Owns A Plant-Based Food Franchise

Taneea Yarborough is a survivor who is now making it big in the business world.

Taneea Yarborough is no ordinary woman. As reported by Black Business, the former school principal had always wanted to own a restaurant of her own and was especially concerned with the eating habits of children. A healthier lifestyle based on organic plant-based food was something she was always interested in promoting and she made her dream come true with the help of her husband, James, in Baltimore.

In an interview with Essence, she said: "One thing that being a 30-year-old cancer survivor has taught me is that time is a luxury, and I will never take it for granted again! I knew I wanted to share our mission with as many people as possible, and honestly, I didn't have the benefit of waiting until everything was perfectly ready."



The couple opened the Gangster Vegan franchise in the Washington, DC area, even as she underwent her mastectomy merely two weeks before the opening. A true fighter and a determined person, she says, "I think one of the biggest challenges in this entire process of opening a restaurant was balancing my health (at the time I was getting weekly chemotherapy) with the demands of being an entrepreneur with a brand-new business. Nothing about this process was made easier for me because I was fighting cancer. So, I went to the doctor 2-3 times a week, and still was spending 50-hour weeks in the store."

She is truly an inspiration for upcoming entrepreneurs and survivors and she is paving the way for a better future through her own resilience. 

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