Georgia Deputy Shoots Black Homeless Man In The Head, Family Says He Was Sleeping

Georgia Deputy Shoots Black Homeless Man In The Head, Family Says He Was Sleeping

Nicholas Bolton was allegedly sleeping in his car when the deputies approached him. A chase followed, which ended with him getting shot in the head.

Nicholas Bolton was in his car in a shopping center at around 2.30 a.m. on Sunday when he was approached by a deputy and was questioned. As reported by Atlanta Black Star, his car was parked in the parking lot in the suburban Atlanta county. Nicholas was first asked about his reasons for being there when he decided to drive off, leading to a chase which ended in him being shot.

The body cam footage obtained by NBC News showed the deputy asking Bolton “Do you have a reason to be here?” Bolton's response is not audible but the deputy responded by saying “Then, you’re loitering.”  The deputy was also heard saying “Look man, just go ahead and step out, so I don’t have to drag you out.” The deputy could be seen pointing a gun towards him, and it was at that point when Bolton decided to drive away.

Deputy shot Nicholas Bolton (Image Credits: NBC News/Police footage)

This incident led to a chase and once Bolton was blocked the deputy could be seen shooting at him through his windshield. Bolton's father, Irwin Bolton Sr. told 11 Alive News that “He (Nicholas Bolton) was minding his own business,” and ended up “in fear for his life.” He added that his son may have jumped out of sleep and hence acted in the way he did. He also said that about the deputy that “He jumped out of his car in two seconds and fired a kill-shot into that windshield, striking him in his head. It’s a miracle that he is alive.”

The family's attorney Tanya Miller said that if one watches the video closely, they would know that no one was in danger. She said, “I think that you can see the video and see that the car was not moving in the video you can see it for yourself. The car was at a rest.”


John Collins, the deputy, is with Coweta County, Georgia. The Sheriff's office says that the shooting was both necessary and justified. Nicholas Bolton has suffered a critical injury and has been hospitalized after the shooting.

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