High School Senior Gets Crowned The Homecoming Royalty In Golden Dress

High School Senior Gets Crowned The Homecoming Royalty In Golden Dress

Brandon Allen and his crowning has become a viral sensation for all the right reasons.

White Station High School in Memphis, Tennessee, crowned one of its seniors, Brandon Allen, 17, as the homecoming royalty and he received the honors dressed in a gold off-the-shoulder sequin gown. 



The school then tweeted the photo which instantly got became a sensation and Brandon received widespread accolades for the same. As reported by NBC, Brandon had the complete support of the school, his faculty, and his friends and they were all overjoyed with the presentation. 




There were, of course, some criticisms online but his teachers had his back. One of them tweeted saying, "Today I found out lots of adults have lots of real strong feelings about who wins Homecoming. Since they care about what goes on at our school so much, I look forward to seeing them on campus contributing to WSHS real soon!"



Allen identifies himself as gay and took to Instagram to express his happiness. He wrote, "I am truly honored to have been nominated as homecoming queen!!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to me becoming queen including all the members on HOCO Court because you guys truly looked stunningly beautiful and I am so honored to have been able to walk with you guys!! Thank you so much Everyone!!!"

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