Identical Twins Named Valedictorian and Salutatorian At Ohio School, With 2 Jobs and 70+ hours Of Giving Back To Community

Identical Twins Named Valedictorian and Salutatorian At Ohio School, With 2 Jobs and 70+ hours Of Giving Back To Community

Deontae Wright and Deontrae Wright want to have secured full rides to Ohio State University, and giving back to the community makes them feel happy.

The need for extraordinary stuff in life can have multiple outlets. But nothing is more satisfying to watch than your efforts producing results where it matters the most to your life. Education is one of those. There is a pair of identical twins who are setting the benchmarks in terms of academic success.  


Deontae and Deontrae Wright might make you think you’re seeing double. The identical twins are leading the way for the Scott High School senior class this year. According to Fox 19 News, With a 4.5 GPA, Deontae is the Valedictorian. Deontrae is right behind him, the Salutatorian, with a 4.4 GPA. 

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It might be surreal to watch almost the same person (but two) graduate with the two highest scoring honors. 
“We both like to compete against each other,” said Deontrae. “We want to score higher than each other.” 
Deontae has been leading with a slight edge, just like in life. Deontae was born first. 
The siblings are the valedictorian and salutatorian at Scott High School in Toledo, WTVG reported.


The two brothers competed all year, each pushing the other to be better. It made their final grades tough to calculate, as their GPAs kept switching them between first and second place. But at the ends, it was Deontae who came out on top. 

Deontrae Wright

“It feels awesome knowing that I put in the hard work and got something out of it,” he said. “It feels great at the end of the day.” 
This is what efforts, in its full bright effect can look like. People marvel at this phenomenal duo for reaching these heights together, and for competing at the same time. 


The competition, however, is a win-win. No matter which of the twins became the valedictorian, both of them have secured full rides to The Ohio State University to study electrical engineering. 
The difference between the class title and final GPA had little effect on what is to come next for the pair.


They say they want to minor in business and start their own electrical engineering firm once they graduate. 
However, their academic focus is not all there is to them. In addition to their high achievements in school, both of them hold two jobs and have more than 70 hours of community service. 

And both of them believe that giving back makes them feel good, and also changes the community. 

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