Kansas City To Remove Martin Luther King's Name From Historic Street

Kansas City To Remove Martin Luther King's Name From Historic Street

The renaming attempt proved to be a divisive affair but the proposal to remove the name won overwhelmingly.

The Paseo, in Kansas City, is a 10-mile boulevard on the East-side of the city and is populated by mostly black people. It was only in January that the city council had determined that it would be named after the civil rights icon Martin Luther King. As reported by NBCNews, Kansas City was one of the last major cities in the country not to have a street named after him.

A group of citizens, however, were adamant to keep the name 'The Paseo' and were opposed to renaming it as Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. They organized a movement and got sufficient enough signatures to initiate a public vote on the matter. On being put to vote, it emerged that the supporters of removing the name won overwhelmingly.

Civil rights activists and some members of the community are saying that the group opposing Martin Luther's name are racists but they replied by saying that they would need to find another way of honoring King's legacy. They argued that The Paseo is registered at National Register of Historic Places and that it was the historic name for the city's first boulevard created back in 1899.

The reasons may vary but for now, it seems that the boulevard will retain its former name as the Paseo.

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