Kanye West Praises Republican Party For Freeing Slaves

Kanye West Praises Republican Party For Freeing Slaves

Kanye has divided opinions with his pro-Trump rhetorics of late but he went a step further on Sunday praising the Republican party for freeing slaves.

Kanye West had recently announced that he would no longer be producing secular music and would be involved with blending gospel with hip-hop. The artist, however, has divided opinions not with his music as much as he has with his pro-Trump statements. 



As reported by Complex, Kanye took the stage at Salt Lake City Sunday Service and had praises for the Republican Party and President Donald Trump. He said: "Abraham Lincoln was the Whig Party—that’s the Republican Party that freed the slaves. I ain’t never make a decision based only on my color. That’s a form of slavery — mental slavery. I ain’t drink from the white person fountain. … I ain’t playing with them. All these mind controllers, the media, all of these mind controllers. I find that wherever Christ is where I’ve got my mind at. We find that the love of Christ is where I’ve got my mind back."

He was recently under fire for saying that people who oppose Donald Trump just because of the color of their skin are under a kind of mental slavery. He went on to rant about the media as well, telling the crowd that the media is trying to control their minds. And as far as social media is considered, he believes that it is "designed to make you think slower."

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