LeBron James' 'I Promise' Students To Get Free Tuition For Four Years By Kent State

LeBron James' 'I Promise' Students To Get Free Tuition For Four Years By Kent State

Kent State University announced free tuition for eligible students in partnership with LeBron's school.

Kent State University has announced great news for students as it partners with LeBron James' 'I Promise' school to provide free tuition for four years to students who are eligible. As reported by WKYC, the eligible students would also get a free room and boarding for a year.

KSU announced their eligibility criteria as follows: "To be eligible for the free tuition, I PROMISE students must be successfully admitted to Kent State, fill out required financial aid forms and complete a requisite number of community service hours each semester."

"Under the new program, Kent State will cover the tuition that remains for the I PROMISE students after they receive funds from traditional financial aid sources and will provide the first year’s room and meal plan."

"To remain eligible for the free tuition each year, the students must remain in good academic standing, must complete a minimum number of credit hours annually and must take part in a required number of community service or volunteer hours."

It is one of kind incentive for students in need of financial assistance to complete their education. Michele Campbell, executive director of the LeBron James Family Foundation said: "The I PROMISE program is built on the ‘earned, not given’ philosophy. We are so excited that our students that have worked incredibly hard have earned even more life-changing opportunities to grow and excel."

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