Man Abandoned In A Dumpster As A Baby Is Now The CEO Of A $62 Million Company

Man Abandoned In A Dumpster As A Baby Is Now The CEO Of A $62 Million Company

He is just 29 years of age.

Freddie Figgers had one of the toughest beginnings in life one could imagine. As reported by Inspire More, he was abandoned by his mother when he was born and that too in a dumpster. At that helpless moment, survival itself seems impossible, but thanks to a loving couple, Nathan and Betty Figgers, he was adopted when he was just two days old. 

Freddie, as a child, grew up with a love for technology and had mended his first computer by the age of 9. And by the time he was 12, he was already working as a computer technician. He was merely 15 when he initiated his own cloud computing services. 

His innovative spirit was at its best when he designed a shoe for his father, Nathan, who developed Alzheimer's while Freddie was still young. He created a simple device for his father that he inserted in his shoes. The device acted as a GPS tracker as well as a two-way communication device, enabling him to talk to his father wherever he was by just speaking closely to the shoe. A Kansas-based company bought his design for $2 million giving Freddie his first break.

He used that money to launch Figgers communication, a company now valued at $62 million. The innovation did not stop there though. His telecommunication company is one of a kind as they have created anti-texting and driving software. Not only that, they have created a cell phone with an in-built wireless blood glucose meter for diabetic clients.

He is, at 29, one of the young millionaires who is not only self-made but also a role model for those who believe in putting their heads down and working diligently for success. A true inspiration.



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