Man Gets Punched Out Of Restaurant For Hurling Racist Remarks And Insults

Man Gets Punched Out Of Restaurant For Hurling Racist Remarks And Insults

A man launched into racist tirade targetting various people at a restaurant in Long Beach, only to be attacked by a female in response.

A brawl had broken out at a sushi restaurant in Long Beach, California after a white man hurled racist insults at several African-American and Hispanic customers. He was filmed during the act, only to be attacked by a female patron after he called a black man “monkey man,” taunting him to fight - making ape-like gestures.  

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According to Long Beach Post, the man was told that there was a wait time for seating at the packed Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The man, who was with a woman, is heard arguing with restaurant employees about seating when he tells a woman: "F**king look over there b***h!" 


The man gesticulated towards an African-American man like a monkey, and appeared to call the same customer, “monkey man.” 

Both men looked ready to fight while customers begged the African-American diner to walk away. But in a twist, an African-American woman jumped in and hit him five times. Applause and cheers ensued as the man was kicked out of the restaurant.


The video was captured by twitter handle @IvanCyclist, who began filming when the man’s anger flared after being told there was an extensive wait. The filmed event, which occurred on Mother’s Day, eventually went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views.


Both the man and the female patron were cited for battery by the police, according to Shaunna Dandoy of the Long Beach Police Department. 

Per @IvanCyclist’s written description on multiple online forums, the man demanded to be seated after he saw another party seemingly get immediately seated.


“The waitlist is done electronically, where you input the size of party and phone number,” @IvanCyclist wrote. “This way, they text message you once it’s your turn to be seated; many people, like us, waited in our cars. Well, this man saw a party, who was already on the wait list, get seated just a minute after he himself arrived at the restaurant. Didn’t settle well with him.” 


@IvanCyclist said the man’s aggression continued to increase as hostesses refused to seat him ahead of other patrons, with the man “being extremely rude, disrespectful and using profane language toward the wait staff. At one point calling the hostess a ‘dumb bitch’ for requesting him again to wait to be seated.” 

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