Man Graduates From University Where His Father Worked As A Janitor - Pays Heartfelt Homage

Man Graduates From University Where His Father Worked As A Janitor - Pays Heartfelt Homage

Anthony L. Brown graduated from Rutgers University, where his father had joined as a janitor to allow free tution for his child.

People often find hope in ensuring that their children get educated - a hope that they might do better. Anthony Brown’s father died before he could see what his son has achieved. While Brown grew up in a competitive academic household, he had a college education in his plans. 


However, Anthony Brown faced a challenge that most of the families face when their children seek higher education - financial support. But thanks to his father, Brown was able to bypass most of the barriers. In a heartfelt homage that has gone viral, Anthony says that his father took a job as a janitor at Rutgers University that allowed him to attend the school tuition for free. 


Unfortunately, his dad died before seeing him graduate. Remembering the major part that his old man played to get him educated, Brown took to Twitter to share his graduation photos where he’s holding a drawing of him and his father.  


The message attached read, “Pops took a job as a janitor that allowed me to receive free tuition at Rutgers University. He passed and I told myself his sacrifice would not be in vain. Here It is! Give the janitor the same respect you give the CEO.” 


While Brown told Because of Them We Can that it took him six years to complete his degree, he says that its essential to run your own race.

“Comparing your journey to others around you will make you feel like you aren’t doing enough. Especially when you have high expectations for yourself.” 


Fathers tend to mean a lot to men growing up. And Brown shared some of the challenges that he faced - depression, anxiety, heartbreak, and grief. Prior to his father’s passing the two would have lunch together in between classes. His father was there. 


The Newark native has a lot to be proud of. He has one more final to take before he graduates on May 22nd with his bachelor’s degree in finance. He currently has a full-time job offer from the City of Newark as a Finance Analyst Trainee. 

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