Man Shot Alongside Nipsey Hussle To Be Jailed In Same Prison As Alleged Shooter Eric Holder

Man Shot Alongside Nipsey Hussle To Be Jailed In Same Prison As Alleged Shooter Eric Holder

The man was a newly released convict at the time of the shooting and Nipsey was gifting him clothes before being killed.

The world was very different for the two survivors of the Nipsey Hussle shooting, both before and after the tragic incident. More so for one of the victims of the shooting who has been arrested for having 'gang-ties' to the deceased rapper. 
TMZ reported that Nipsey Hussle had made an impromptu stop at his Marathon Clothing store to get a gift for a friend who was recently released from jail. But Hussle and the two other men were shot at upon exiting the store.


Reportedly, Kerry Lathan, the intended recipient of Hussle's final good deed, has been accused of violating his parole by associating with the late philanthropist, businessman and musician, who was also a reputed Crip. 

Lathan, who is reportedly paralyzed in his legs as a result of the shooting, served 20 years in jail and was living at a halfway house while readjusting to society. He was arrested at the location five days after the shooting. 


The 56-year-old is reportedly still in custody at the Los Angeles County Jail where the victims' suspected shooter, Eric Holder, is also being held. 
Lathan is now in Men's Central Jail in downtown L.A. where he waits as authorities try to revoke his parole. Lathan is in a wheelchair -- the result of the shooting -- unable to walk.


There is an added dimension to this tragedy and a window to the suffering of black men. Coming from where he did, Nipsey's rise to philanthropy and a black lives activist was inspirational - and he also died doing kindness. 
Nipsey had gone to Marathon to give the ex-con some clothes so he could look fresh when he reunited with friends and family. 


And the tragic turn of events does not end there. While people were celebrating Nipsey's contribution to L.A, the authorities were arresting Lathan for being around him, despite him being an actual victim as well. 

Nipsey, 33-years-old at the time of the shooting last month, was known to be a member of the Rolling 60s. Moreover, he was also an influential leader who encouraged the crew to expand their commercial pursuits outside of illegal activities. 


The father of two was honored for his contributions to the city and the world on Thursday with a monumental memorial at the Staples Center and a 25-mile procession through the streets of South Central Los Angeles. 

Born Ermias Ashgedom, Nipsey was killed outside of his store after a gunman fired six shots at him. After a two-day search for the assailant, Eric Holder was arrested for murdering the Grammy-nominated rapper.


The "Grindin' All My Life" artist did not inform anyone, including his security, that he would be making an impromptu visit to his shop. 

Nipsey's death was felt across various industries, and people are honoring the late father of two in various ways. Oklahoma City Thunder player Russell Westbrook achieved a rare double triple-double and dedicated the historic occasion to his fellow California native.  

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