Famous Celebrity Photographer Under Fire After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surface

Famous Celebrity Photographer Under Fire After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surface

33-year-old Marcus Hyde, who is known for his work with the Kardashians, was accused of trying to bribe women with portfolio shoots in exchange for nudes.

Celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde is under fire after an Instagram model accused the internet-famous cameraman of asking her to send him nudes in exchange for shooting her portfolio. 


Screenshots of the conversation between Hyde and Sunnaya Nash went viral, prompting Instagram to take down the celebrity photographer's page itself. Nash responded to a photo posted by Hyde, of a woman in the shower in a see-through bodysuit with stars strategically covering her nipples and genitals. In the direct messages, Hyde tries to bribe Nash with the idea of a free photoshoot only if she sent her nudes.




When Nash tells Hyde that she was not comfortable with doing nudes, but was okay to do partial nudity and lingerie shoots, the photographer backtracks his response and tells Nash that it would cost her $2,000. Nash tells Hyde that she would do the nude shoot with him but wouldn't send him naked pictures beforehand. He takes the free session off the table again and tells Nash that he needed to see if she was worth it. 


Nash shared the images on social media and soon the internet was blowing up with people who had their own harrowing stories about the photographer. Hyde has worked with countless celebrities such as Kanye West, Kim Kardashian-West, Ariana Grande and many others. 


Kardashian and Grande shared statements about the inappropriate sexual allegations brought out against Hyde. There is still no word from Hyde's own team. Currently, his social media accounts have been deactivated. 

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