Meet The Only Black Man In The U.S. Who Owns A Bridal Boutique

Meet The Only Black Man In The U.S. Who Owns A Bridal Boutique

He not only works doubly hard than his competetots but also takes pride on being the only man in a female dominated market.

Steve Larkin of Arizona is perhaps the only African-American man who owns a bridal boutique. Raime Raine Bridal is a family enterprise which is named after his two granddaughters, Mia Raine and Remi Sophia.  

As a new entrepreneur in a predominantly female industry, Larkin works doubly hard and takes pride in his choice of entering a female-dominated industry. 

Image: Black Business

"We are Arizona's premier luxury bridal boutique and specialize in couture, high-end fashion gowns." They not only bring internationally acclaimed bridal gowns to the platter but also provide a very intimate and personalized service.

From timeless classic bridal gowns to the latest styles, their collection is fresh and up-to-date. They also provide a try at home service for the easement of their clients. Raime Raine Bridal promises high-quality garments with the perfect measurements tailor-made according to the bride at a reasonable price.

With his intimate and warm service and high-quality product at an affordable price, Larkin is all set to make a mark in the industry.

Steve believes that every bride deserves to wear the dress of her dreams - a wedding gown that possesses style, glamour and high craftsmanship. Think of Remi Raine Bridal as a family business with the professionalism and quality of an international brand. The wedding dress collection that is both superior and inexpensive has arrived, reports Black Business.

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