Meet Zandra Cunningham: African-American Teen Signs Major Deal For Her Plant-Based Beauty Products

Meet Zandra Cunningham: African-American Teen Signs Major Deal For Her Plant-Based Beauty Products

She is one the youngest in the industry, a fresh face, who is already on the list of the Young Futurists.

It has been known that beauty products for dark skin have been quite limited up until recent times. While there are some African-American women taking up initiatives in that domain, there is a much younger voice that has begun creating ripples throughout the nation.

When we talk about visionaries or people who are going to have waves of impacts on the black community, we can no longer ignore the youth voices that are reaching higher levels through their original ideas and creative vigor. And Zandra Cunningham is one of those voices. 


Zandra is a leading plant-based social good company that educates and empowers girls via Steam and Entrepreneurial education. The teen founder of the company, Zandra Cunningham, was one of the 2018 Young Futurists.

And now she has landed a partnership with Target. And through this partnership, Cunningham is launching her eponymous plant-based beauty line to the next level. This is the first time that Zandra products will be available in the stores. 

Perhaps one of the youngest CEOs around, Cunnigham has curated an exclusive Gift Box that is aimed at introducing Target shoppers to the brand name and fame of Zandra. 
“I am so excited to offer my unique brand of American made yuck free products in an exclusive gift box designed specifically for Target," the 18-year-old told BlackNews.

"This is yet another dream come true for me. I am working hard to pave the way for other indie brands with teen CEO’s. My journey hasn’t been easy but it will forever be worth it. I am on a mission to shatter the status quo, and with partners like Target, I am making that happen,” Zandra added. 


Her exclusive product with the chain is a “Treat Yo Self” gift box that celebrates Black History Month, coming this February. And to start with, Target aims to stock up the exclusive gift box that includes multiple products that are all free of chemicals.

The contents are said to be some of the handiest ones - Zandra Hand & Body Lotion – a moisturizing, nourishing and repairing formula made with skin-loving whipped butter and oils; an Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – designed to exfoliate the body for a natural glow; and the famous Lip & Body Balm – handcrafted in small batches from a blend of Zandra’s favorite oils and fair trade Shea butter to create the ultimate moisturizer for on the go.


Why Zandra's approach and style look so promising is that she is conscious of what people's skin wants and what it means to care for them. She puts rigorous hours at her Buffalo-based lab, where she combines the art of STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art, math).

So far she has been able to create 50 nutrient-rich skin care products through her approach. What is more, Zandra's products have been naturally proven to heal, nourish and improve sensitive skin. 


Despite her young age, Zandra realized the importance of nature and the kind of resources that it provides us. Which is also why natural ingredients are the foundation of all her products. She also found a way to make them a lasting alternative to the usual commercial products that people find in the market. 

So far, her focus has been on facial care, and the award-winning brand seems to be expanding with its unique approach under the command of Zandra Cunningham. She is currently offering DIY STEAM beauty and entrepreneurial programming, through which she is reaching about 900 locations across the U.S. 

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A lot of the rising youths from the black community will want to look up to Zandra, as she is not only the founder of the exotic brand, but she is also a vocal advocate of girl's education, along with being a mentor, international speaker, and a philanthropist.

She leads a number of philanthropy initiatives that support the Zandra philosophy to educate and empower girls on the move through advocacy, community-building, and inspired leadership.

There is another reason that she fits the role-model mold that promises to make a great change - she decided to take the change in her own hands and do what she wanted to do. And her journey began from when she was 9 years old.

She had asked for a lip balm, and her father had refused to get her one. So she made her own. Azariah’s innocence was her first business initiative that was backed by her family, and it was her first take at entrepreneurship when she was just a few days away from her 10th birthday.

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