Mirtha V. Ramos Becomes The First Woman To Become Chief Of DeKalb County Police Department.

Mirtha V. Ramos Becomes The First Woman To Become Chief Of DeKalb County Police Department.

She has served the police department for over 22 years and had risen through the ranks through sheer hard work.

DeKalb County has announced the first woman chief and Mirtha V. Ramos would be leading the charge for the first time in their history. She has served the Miami-Dade Police Department for over 22 years and has risen through their ranks. She would succeed James Conroy who was the chief and who retired recently.

The Miami-Dade PD celebrated her success in a post on Facebook. The post read: "Chief Mirtha V. Ramos has been with the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) since 1997. She has worked uniform patrol, investigations, and proactive units. She has been promoted through every rank to her current position as the North Operations Division (NOD) and is responsible for the north end of the County police districts, the Town of Miami Lakes, Airport District, and the Special Patrol Bureau which includes several high liability units such as the Special Response Team, Aviation, Marine Patrol, Bomb Disposal, K-9, and Special Events Units."

"Chief Ramos is a compassionate, no-nonsense, hands on leader, who believes in mentoring others and enjoys participating in the Youth Outreach Unit’s events that involve our community children. She teaches all the new cadets in the Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute and believes in furthering her own education. She is currently working toward her Masters Degree in Psychology of Leadership which she feels will only help her to become a better asset to the MDPD."

"Last week, she graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy, which is a ten week program in Quantico, Virginia. While a sacrifice, Chief Ramos is used to making them if it better hers as a person who can give more to the #MDPD and the community she serves."

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