Missouri Man Who Licked Goods At Walmart Being Charged With 'Terrorist Threat'

Missouri Man Who Licked Goods At Walmart Being Charged With 'Terrorist Threat'

He was seriously endangering his and other people's lives!

Cody Pfister, a man from Missouri, filmed himself licking items on the Walmart shelves and taunting others. He posted the video on social media later on that immediately went viral and people were shocked and disgusted at his actions. He was not only being completely stupid but endangering the lives of others who shop in the same place. In fact, the video went so viral that the Warrenton police got calls from people in the U.K., The Netherlands, and even from Ireland to report this man's behavior.

"We take these complaints very seriously and would like to thank all of those who reported the video so the issue could be addressed," authorities said in a statement and he was arrested for his stupid act. Pfister was booked into the Warren County jail without bond. He has a history of other crimes including convictions for burglary, theft of a firearm, drug possession and driving while intoxicated.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases in America seems completely out of control with almost 55,000 confirmed cases reported from the country. America has moved ahead of Spain in numbers and has the third most number of patients in the country at the time of writing this article. Extreme precaution is being requested and people are urged to not indulge in life-threatening acts like the one Cody tried pulling off. Stay at home, stay safe.

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