Montgomery Just Elected Its First Black Mayor Ever

Montgomery Just Elected Its First Black Mayor Ever

Steven Reed defeated his opponent with 67% of the votes.

Montgomery, Alabama, has chosen its first black mayor in its history of over 200 years and Steven Reed becomes the man who made this chapter possible. As reported by USAToday, he would be sworn into office on November 12th in the Montgomery City Hall.



Steven Reed was also the first black man to be elected as the county's probate judge and he was the first probate judge in Alabama to issue the same-sex marriage license back in 2015. 



At his winning speech, Reed said: "This election has never been about me. This election has never been about just my ideas. It's been about all the hopes and dreams we have as individuals and collectively in this city." He also said: "Montgomery is a city with limitless potential, a city that has no limits outside of our imagination. The only thing that can hold us back is our fears. When we come together there's nothing that we can't accomplish."

The people of the city rejoiced this historical mandate and Twitter was overjoyed with his victory. He managed to defeat his opponent David Wood by polling 67% of the votes.

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