Mother Grieving Over The Death Of Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Arrested For Disorderly

Mother Grieving Over The Death Of Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Arrested For Disorderly

Where's the compassion?

Shawnda Brookshire of Memphis, Arkansaw, had just lost her 4-year-old daughter in an accident and was grieving when the cops thought that she was loitering and handcuffed her for disorderly. As reported by WREG, she was walking in the parking lot of La Quinta Inn, talking over the phone when two cops approached her to question her.

The cops asked for her identification and she could be seen on the video telling them that it was inside her motel room. The video shows the cops telling her "You’re about to go to jail for disorderly." She replies: "Yeah and miss my daughter’s funeral because you want to lock me up while I’m walking in a parking lot."

It was obvious that she got agitated and tried to contact her family. The cops then handcuffed her and put her in the back of their car. They said that it was to calm her down. 

Assistant Chief Robert Langston, West Memphis Police Department, told WREG that: "They [cops] were on those hotel lots because hotel management is coming to use and saying we’re having an issue here. We’re having break-ins in our area. We’re having people travel through and want to make sure our property is safe."

Richard Brookshire, Shawnda's brother, claims, however, that he asked the hotel management about the break-ins and they said that there hadn't been any for over a month. 



Shawnda was later released without any charges and the cops involved in the incident would not face any consequences either. Langston said: "I understand she was under a great deal of stress and I have never been in the situation that she’s in. I can’t speak for her,. I can understand the stress that she was dealing with, and that the family was dealing with, but our officers don’t know that. They don’t know what the family is going through. We’re there to really to protect their property."

The family, however, is not convinced and wants the police department to apologize for their insensitive act.

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