Mother Says Utah Police Pulled Gun On Her 10-year-old Son, Wants Racial Motivations Investigated

Mother Says Utah Police Pulled Gun On Her 10-year-old Son, Wants Racial Motivations Investigated

Black men have been shot and killed for having cellphones in their hands, while this boy was placed between crosshairs even when he had nothing suspicious about him.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to draw a line on how bad you let your suspicion rule you. But it's no excuse for racism. 

A mother wants an independent investigation after she claimed that a Utah police officer pointed a gun at her 10-year-old son's head. According to CBS News, Jerri Hrubes said on Friday, last week, that she saw a white Woods Cross police officer pull a gun on DJ Hrubes, her son, who is black. 


Jerri Hrubes says that DJ was playing on his grandmother's front lawn Thursday, north of Salt Lake City. She said her son didn't have any toys or objects in his hands. 

The officer told DJ to put his hands in the air and get on the ground. When DJ asked the officer if he did something wrong, the officer told DJ not to ask questions. 


Jerri Hrubes said she raced outside of the house and screamed at the officer, "What are you doing? This is a 10-year-old child." 

Following which she says that the officer did not respond, got back in his car and left. 


Police Lt. Adam Osoro told The Salt Lake Tribune Thursday that the officer mistook the boy for a potential suspect during a pursuit of two armed suspects. Moreover, he said that the officer pulled his gun after the child ran to the side of the house. 

After getting closer, the officer realized Hrubes was not involved in the incident and left, Osoro said. Osoro said the officer acted appropriately under the circumstances. 


Hrubes said she called dispatch right away to complain about the officer’s actions, and the officer returned to the house later in the day. She said he apologized and DJ hugged him and said it was OK. She said her son doesn’t “have a mean bone in his body” and is mentally delayed and has issues with his sight. 


“I support all police officers. I see good in them,” Hrubes said. “But, I do not support putting a child of 10-years-old at gunpoint with no explanation. . . Does he look like he’s 30? Does he look like he’s 18? No.” 


She said she doesn’t necessarily want the officer fired but wants an outside review. She appeared alongside attorney Karra Porter at the news conference but said she’s not considering any legal action at this time. 

Hrubes, who is from Montana, said she was visiting her mother in the town where she grew up: West Bountiful, a suburb of Salt Lake City. She said the incident changes how she feels in Utah, a state where African Americans account for just 1.4% of the state’s population, according to U.S. Census figures.

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