Mother Arrested For The Death Of Her 3-Month-Old Daughter Who Had Physical Signs Of Neglect

Mother Arrested For The Death Of Her 3-Month-Old Daughter Who Had Physical Signs Of Neglect

3-month-old Shae Anna Marie Styhl died Saturday. Her cause of death is still pending investigation, but the her condition was pitiful.

A mother has been charged with neglect and arrested in connection with the death of her infant daughter. 
According to RTV 6, the Delaware County Coroner said that 3-month-old Shae Anna Marie Styhl died Saturday. 

While the cause of her death is still pending investigation, the condition of the infant has raised some serious questions about the mother. 32-year-old Sarah Ann Styhl, of Muncie, was arrested and preliminarily charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death. 

Muncie Police Department officers were called to the YWCA on Saturday. They were told that there was an unresponsive infant. Police say Sarah Ann Styhl, 32, and her baby had been staying at the shelter for the past four days. 


Investigators say the infant had, "what appeared to be burns covering most parts of her body," according to the police report. And the baby was rushed to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

"Upon further visual inspection of the child, there were different degrees of skin peeling usually associated with burn injuries," the report stated. The infant also had a large injury to her genitals that appeared to be a burn or blood blister and she appeared malnourished. 


Furthermore, when the doctors inspected the child - they found multiple bone fractures, which were all in different stages of healing. This was besides the burns on the infant's body. 

An examination found "extensive skeletal trauma" and "bone fractures" and other injuries to all four of the baby's extremities. 


When the mother was questioned, Styhl told the investigators that she had used several different "ointments and lotions" to try to treat what she thought was irritated skin around her daughter's mouth and face.

Styhl also said that her daughter had fallen out of her stroller "a few weeks prior" and that she had put an Icy Hot pad on the baby's arm and wrapped it with a bandage for treatment. 


However, when the investigators asked Styhl about the more serious injuries to her daughter's body, she became argumentative and asked for her attorney.

Detectives searched Styhl's room and found bottles of "burn spray," diaper rash ointments and Icy Hot patches. They also found stains that appeared to be blood on the bed sheets, several pieces of the infant's clothing, burp rags and other items.

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