Navy Captain Relieved Of His Command From USS Roosevelt Tests Positive For COVID

Navy Captain Relieved Of His Command From USS Roosevelt Tests Positive For COVID

The report comes from two of his academy classmates close to the family.

Capt. Brett E. Crozier, Captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, was relieved of his command after his letter to the Navy officials leaked to The San Fransisco Chronicle where he had requested immediate help to tackle the spread of the virus on the ship. According to reports, there were over 4,000 crew members onboard and a hundred of them had contracted the virus. 

As reported by the NYTimes, the captain has now contracted the virus himself and has tested positive for COVID 19. This was according to two academy classmates of Capt. Crozier who are also close friends with the family. Apparently, he had begun showing signs of the illness days before he was relieved.

The Captain had to face the brunt of Navy officials who did not appreciate his letter being leaked to the press, though it is not yet clear who leaked the news. Thomas B. Modly, the acting secretary of the Navy, had said in an earlier statement that his actions caused panic among the family members of the crew and could also have revealed sensitive information about the Navy's abilities to adversaries.

The fact, however, remains that if he has contracted the virus and so did his fellow crewmembers, wasn't bringing attention to the matter and saving lives more important? One can debate about the way in which his actions got the attention but his intention to protect the men under his command cannot be ignored.

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