Neurosurgeon Accepts 25% Pay Cut To Perform Free Surgeries

Neurosurgeon Accepts 25% Pay Cut To Perform Free Surgeries

He hopes to give back to the society as much as he can.

Dr. Olawale Sulaiman is a Nigerian neurosurgeon, living in Louisiana. In an interview with CNN, he revealed that he splits his time between his work in America and in Nigeria. At Ochsner Neuroscience Institute in New Orleans, he is the chairman of the neurosurgery department and a professor of neurosurgery and spinal surgery.

Dr. Olawale comes from a poor family in Nigeria where his parents could not afford his medical tuition fee. He received a scholarship and went on to study in Bulgaria. The fact that he was granted this opportunity never left his mind and he remained humble. "Africans who have had the privilege of getting outstanding training and education abroad must mobilize their network of influence to transform our continent," he said in the interview.

He and his wife are both devoted to the idea of giving back to society. His work in Nigeria allows him to help the poorest and the most marginalized people who cannot afford even basic medical facilities. He often performs surgeries there free-of-cost and travels between the two countries as often as he can. He said: "As I often do, I consulted with my loving and devoted wife for advice. We both decided that giving back was the only option for both of us, and for our family. We have never looked back."

In the interview, he said: "I would use my vacation times for the medical missions, which were also planned with education and training sessions. We donated a lot of medications, equipment and hands-on training on surgical techniques." As reported by CNN, he has managed to negotiate a deal with his employers to take a 25% pay cut for more holidays. These holidays are meant for his time in helping people in Nigeria.

In 2010, he and his wife established RNZ Global. This healthcare development company provides affordable services and also conducts educational courses for people to learn things like administering first aid, CPR, etc. in both Nigeria and USA.

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