New York City Bans All Gatherings Of More Than 500 People

New York City Bans All Gatherings Of More Than 500 People

It was in response to a Broadway spectator testing positive for COVID-19.

The world is reeling hot with the Coronavirus scare and cases are popping up left, right, and center. The worldwide deaths, at the time of writing, has already crossed 5,000 and confirmed cases have been now reported from over 130 countries. The number of cases in America is about to touch 2,000 and 41 people have already succumbed to the disease.

As more and more people are waking to its danger, New York City has decided to ban all gatherings of over 500 people to avoid the spread of the virus in the city. The plan was announced by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday and it followed the closing of Broadway after a spectator tested positive for the virus.

After the discovery, the Shubert Organization and The Nederlander Organization, the owners of theatres on Broadway said in a statement: "Immediately upon learning of the positive test, both organizations began taking every step necessary to ensure the safety of our audiences, performers, crew, and building staff," and that they are "closely following all protocols related to containment and prevention."

The New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said: "new models" are being looked into to see whether capacity could be reduced in theaters in order to make them safer. He said on CNN:  "I don’t want to see Broadway go dark, if we can avoid it. I want to see if we can strike some kind of balance.
He added that "We’re going to have to think very differently. Our society is changing by the hour right now. But that does not mean I think we should anticipate a society with no social activity, no work, no school."

It is being considered a good move by many as the need to curb the virus has gained priority worldwide and New York City could have been seriously affected given the large tourist crowd it attracts from around the globe.

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