‘Every Race But White Will Die’: Oklahoma Woman Confesses To Spray-Painting Hate Messages In Two Towns, Police Say

‘Every Race But White Will Die’: Oklahoma Woman Confesses To Spray-Painting Hate Messages In Two Towns, Police Say

Allison Christine Johnson is expected to face more charges for vandalism and white supremacist messages.

There is no denying that hate and racial supremacy is affecting people, and now more so than ever. While some of the expressions have varied over time, the latest one is littering hate speech across cities. On Wednesday last week, people of Norman, Okla woke up to find that racist and anti-Semitic graffiti had spread in their city.

The Washington Post reported this Tuesday, An Oklahoma woman has reportedly been arrested after confessing to a spree of racist vandalism that targeted black and Jewish residents in two towns. 


Reportedly, Allison Christine Johnson of Norman, Okla., was charged Monday with felony and misdemeanor vandalism as well as malicious intimidation or harassment after turning herself into the police. 

Police in Norman told the Post that Johnson targeted an arts center, a local Democratic Party office and several local businesses and churches with racist and neo-Nazi imagery and messages. She is currently jailed on $25,000 bond, according to the newspaper. 


Johnson is expected to face more charges for similar vandalism in Oklahoma City, according to the Post. The newspaper noted that police said Johnson has admitted to scrawling white supremacist messages such as "every race but white will die." 

Among other messages, reportedly, some indicated support for President Trump, including the ones that read "Trump 2020."  


In front of a local arts center, a prominently placed sculpture of a young girl had been spray-painted to make it look like blood was pouring from the child’s head. The word “JEWESS” was scrawled across her forehead, and swastikas covered both her eyes. 

Two blocks away at an elementary school, someone had written that black boys “rape white girls,” using a racial slur.  And it does not end there. 


The Post reports that the headquarters of the Cleveland County Democratic Party, messages like “Gas the Jews” and “Hang n----- kids” were painted on windows and doors, next to swastikas and the words “Trump 2020.” A note tied to the door handle said, “White men have built this civilization. White men have been and still are the backbone.” 


Moreover, this collective damage also resembled a scene that took place in Oklahoma City, which had happened a week before. The Post reports that On the morning of March 28, Oklahoma Democratic Party and Chickasaw Nation employees showed up for work and discovered that the entrances to their respective offices were covered with Nazi symbols, homophobic slurs and messages like “White planet only.” 


In the light of the event and the gravity of sentiments conveyed through this vandalism, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn, who represents Norman, told The Norman Transcript that his office considered charging Johnson with making terrorist threats. 
However, they later decided that insufficient evidence existed to prove an intent to cause physical harm. 


“We started there when looking at the charges. We went to the statute, but the statute says ‘committing acts of violence to intimidate a civilian population,’ and she did not really commit an act of violence to intimidate the population,” Mashburn told the Transcript. “Absolutely hate speech, absolutely a crime, but not necessarily a terroristic threat.” 

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