Over 9,000 Retired Army Medical Personnel Respond To Help Fight The Virus

Over 9,000 Retired Army Medical Personnel Respond To Help Fight The Virus

Always the heroes!

America is going through one of the worst crises in recent times as the number of confirmed cases crossed 100,000, the highest in the world. In these trying times, the armed forces called upon the help of retired army medical professionals to help share the burden and they responded brilliantly.

As reported by ABC, Army Surgeon General Scott Dingle said: "What we'll do is even though we get many volunteers, we then will walk through the process of certification, making sure that all certifications and credentials are straight. Then once we do that, we will plug them into all of our medical treatment facilities as required in support of the mission." 

The importance of help cannot be overstated in these times and the response from the retired personnel is highly admirable. The Army released a statement in this regard saying: "This extraordinary challenge requires equally extraordinary solutions, and our retired Army healthcare professionals have shown that they are capable of providing the highest level of care while operating under constantly changing conditions. This information request will no way interfere with any care they may be providing to their communities, is for future planning purposes only, and is completely voluntary."

Meanwhile, people are requested to follow extreme precautions and are urged to follow the directives of the CDC and WHO to combat the situation.

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