Pastor Who Claimed Covid-19 'Hysteria' Was An Anti-Trump Plot Dies Of Covid-19

Pastor Who Claimed Covid-19 'Hysteria' Was An Anti-Trump Plot Dies Of Covid-19

Landon Spradlin was 66-years-old.

Landon Spradlin, a pastor from Virginia was a musical evangelist and was on a missionary trip to New Orleans when he fell ill. As reported by the website Friendly Atheist, he was on the trip with his wife and his aim in New Orleans was to "wash it from its Sin and debauchery." 

As reported by ABC: "Landon Spradlin’s family never got to say goodbye.
The 66-year-old father and husband from Virginia died due to complications from COVID-19 on Wednesday morning in North Carolina. While on the way home from a mission trip, Spradlin collapsed and was taken to a hospital in Concord, North Carolina. He was eventually put on a ventilator as his condition worsened." 

Landon shared this post on his Facebook page



He had earlier shared an image on Facebook that had falsely equated H1N1 outbreak with Coronavirus to suggest that the 'Hysteria' around Coronavirus is some kind of anti-Trump propaganda and that President Obama had handled the earlier situation in a much worse manner. The post he had shared was also blocked by fact-checkers on Facebook on grounds of misrepresentation of facts.

Despite political inclinations, his death is regrettable and could have been avoided if proper precautions were voluntarily taken. It is imperative that people do take this threat extremely seriously as the pandemic is a reality no one can wish away just be choosing to not believe in it or considering it a political stunt.

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