Photo Of 4 Educators Posing With A Noose Sparks Outrage, All Sent On Leave Along With The Principal

Photo Of 4 Educators Posing With A Noose Sparks Outrage, All Sent On Leave Along With The Principal

Parents of students at a Southern California school are offended by the racist symbol it carries across.

A picture of four elementary school educators in Palmdale, California, smiling as they pose with a rope fashioned into a noose, has sparked outrage among the parents. 

According to CBS Los Angeles, The image of the educators at Summerwind Elementary School was originally emailed by the school's principal, Linda Brandts, and was shared hundreds of times on email and social media. 


The four teachers are smiling in the photo, which was allegedly taken by Linda Brandts, parents told CBS Los Angeles.

"If you look at the picture, you can see that they're smiling. And even if it's a joke, you just don't play like this," one parent said. "It's appalling, it's frustrating, it's beyond words." 


The photo of the four teachers was meant to be seen by a small group but made its way onto the internet, sparking a 48-hour firestorm in the community. A second photo showed the noose hanging on what looks like a pillar inside a school office., CBS Los Angeles reports. 


"You know the meaning behind it, behind our history. And you know you're going to get backlash for it if it gets out. And obviously, it did," parent James Florence said. He identified one of the teachers in the photo – the one holding the noose – as Miss Jones. 


Palmdale schools superintendent Raul Maldonado said all five educators have been put on administrative leave, pending an investigation by the district. 

"The Palmdale School District holds all employees to the highest standards and expectations," Maldonado said in a statement to NBC News on Friday. "We will not stop until we find out exactly what did occur. We will not tolerate this type of behavior in our schools." 


Parents of some African American children at the school told the NBC station they were troubled by the educators' apparent insensitivity about the association of nooses with Jim Crow-era lynchings. 

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