Raging White Man Mows Down Special-Needs Black Man Because He Spoke To His Girlfriend

Raging White Man Mows Down Special-Needs Black Man Because He Spoke To His Girlfriend

A manhunt has been issued for Joshua Anderson who fatally hit 20-year-old Kevin Marshall with his car following an argument.

Authorities in Georgia are on the lookout for a man who intentionally ran over a developmentally challenged man following an argument on Thursday, July 4. Police have put out a BOLO for Joshua Anderson who killed 20-year-old Kevin Marshall in a fit of rage. 


As per reports of the incident, the fight took place at a residence in Covington's North Lake Drive. Witness statement described a series of unfortunate events which unfolded after Anderson flew into a blind rage when he saw Marshall speaking with his girlfriend. 


When a scuffle broke out between the two, partygoers managed to separate the two, and Marshall left the premises. But as the 20-year-old autistic man walked home, an enraged Anderson climbed into his Toyota pickup and rammed the vehicle into Marshall, who died on the spot. 


Marshall's mother, Robbie Marshall, tells Atlanta Black Star that the way her son was killed bore a likeness to a hate crime. "That's hatred, to beat somebody and then run him over at that impact and keep going," she said. The heartbroken mom went on to describe her son as a 'sweet boy' who wasn't disrespectful towards anyone. 


Another witness to the hit-and-run case said that the truck Anderson was driving was going terrifyingly fast when it collided with Marshall. "He [Anderson] hit the guy [Marshall], and when he hit him, he flew up over the truck," the witness told WSB-TV.


Authorities found Anderson's 2001 Toyota Tacoma not far from the point he struck down Marshall. The notice from the Newton County Sheriff's Office has considered Anderson as an 'armed and dangerous' subject. 


Distraught mom Bobbie Marshall is demanding a harsh punishment once Anderson is caught by the police. "He took my son's life, he deserves not to have his," she said. "I want him to have the death penalty. I feel an emptiness nobody can replace."


The US Marshal's Office has now joined the hunt for Anderson. If he is apprehended, Anderson faces several charges which include first-degree vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle, hit-and-run as well as malice murder. 


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