Barely Surviving: R. Kelly's Bank Account Left With Negative $13, Major Sum Seized To Pay Overdue Debt

Barely Surviving: R. Kelly's Bank Account Left With Negative $13, Major Sum Seized To Pay Overdue Debt

While the singer's financial struggle was made into a song last year, one of his accounts has been crunched by debt recently.

R. Kelly has been having a tough year. After the allegations and the trials that the singer faced for sexual abuse, which also ultimately led to a formal indictment, his financial situations has seen another heavy blow. According to the Blast,  one of his bank accounts has nosedived after a seizure and is now sitting in the negative. 

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Wintrust Bank, where Kelly holds an account, informed one of his creditors (his former landlord) that the singer currently has a balance of negative $13 with them. 
ASCAP — the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, which collects money for artists — claims Kelly is not owed any money by them. 


Reportedly, Amid the controversy surrounding Surviving R. Kelly, the singer also had to deal with a massive debt he owed his landlord. Kelly had $150K seized from his account, which, according to documents, left his account with Wintrust at negative $13.

The documents were filed as a part of a legal battle which involved Kelly and his former Chicago landlord. Reportedly, the landlord had sued Kelly, accusing him of owing back rent. 


Even during his infamous and iconic interview with Gayle King on 'CBS This Morning', Kelly had talked about his family and financial situation. Moreover, just hours after the first part of the special aired, the singer was taken into custody because he had failed to pay $165,000 in child support. 


According to Variety, Kelly spent three days in jail last month after being arrested on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four victims — three of whom were minors — on Feb. 22. Finally, a female fan from suburban Chicago provided him with bail money. 


Kelly addressed his financial troubles with King.

“So many people have been stealing my money, people who are connected to my account, so I went to the Bank of America for the first time by myself about three weeks ago. I was so tired of not knowing where my money is, what my publishing is.” 


R. Kelly was sued earlier this year by the landlord of his recording studio in Chicago over owing back rent. The landlord landed a $173k judgment but he's been having trouble collecting the money that's owed to him from Kells. They've already sent subpoenas to Sony Music, ASCAP and multiple banks where Kelly held accounts.


Although the landlord collected the money from Kells Bank of America account but now, they're asking the judge to order Sony to release another $50K to settle the debt.  

King, who seemed surprised that Kelly had never before gone to a bank by himself, asked Kelly about the reports of cash settlements to his accusers.


“Lies,” he said. He added that his money in the bank, which contained $350,000, was in the process of being transferred to another account at the time he was arrested in February. He became emotional when discussing his inability to pay child support. 


“How can I pay child support if my ex-wife is destroying my name and I can’t work?” he sobbed. “How can I work? How can I get paid?” 

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